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Top furniture trends in 2020

2020 Furniture Trends

Are you looking to update the appearance of your home through the use of high-quality furniture? This is an excellent way to provide comfort and style. However, knowing which options are the most popular can be a bit tricky. Let’s take a look at some notable 2020 furniture trends, and how you can incorporate them in your home.

The Natural Touch

Wood has always played an important role in furniture trends, so it should stand to reason that materials such as oak and pine have remained popular. Wooden furniture is able to provide a natural and organic aesthetic that is hard to achieve with other options such as stone or metal. Wooden furniture and accessories are also a popular way to inject a room with a sense of warmth. For this reason, wood is often chosen to furnish larger rooms that may otherwise  feel cold or impersonal. Our selection of wooden furniture in Peterborough will provide you with a range of styles to choose from.

Made-to-Order Styles

While it is always possible to order mass-produced pieces from furniture stores, you might be looking to add a bit of personality to a specific room. This is another important trend, as a growing number of homeowners are choosing unique made-to-order items as opposed to out-of-the-box furniture. This option is also a good idea if you wish to adhere to a specific interior design scheme.

Locally Sourced Solutions

Another 2020 trend involves the use of local furniture, as opposed to outsourced materials. There are a number of reasons behind this preference. First, local items tend to be crafted from high-quality materials and are made to last. It should also be mentioned that locally-sourced furniture is a more environmentally-friendly solution. This is important for anyone who has been looking to lower the carbon footprint of their home.

The Vintage Look

Some homeowners choose to go “back to the basics” in terms of their interior design selections. This actually makes a great deal of sense, as vintage and antique designs offer a timeless sense of beauty to any room. These styles can also be good choices if you need to coordinate with other items, such as mirrors or period-era windows.

Blues and Neutral Tones

Anyone who has followed the interior design industry is aware that neutral tones have always been popular. These neutral shades are now extending to other accessories. Colours such as grey and off-white can help to add a sense of uniformity to a room. 2020 furniture trends also seem to be embracing the colour blue, as it offers a calming effect.

Our furniture store has been offering a host of unique options to choose from since 1959; and our team is always here to help. From sofas and recliners, to tables, chairs, blinds and carpets, Peter H Gammons will offer advice on choosing home furniture which best suits your needs. Please send us an enquiry at your convenience to learn about your options and our bespoke solutions, or visit us in store.

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Using Furniture to Bring the Most Out of Your Living Room

Sourcing and arranging the right furniture for your living room can seem like a daunting task, but with a bespoke furniture shop in Huntingdon, P H Gammons make the task that bit easier. With our great range of furnishings, you’ll be sure to find the perfect materials and finishes. After sourcing the right furniture, bringing the most out of your living room comes down to arranging it correctly. Not only will the room be more functional, but it will also feel more spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips for choosing and placing furniture that will breathe new life into a familiar space.

Sourcing the Finest Wooden Furniture in Huntingdon

When picking your furniture and upholstery, you may be wary of diversifying wood tones. With the variety of furniture in Peterborough for sale, there’s no need to restrict your decorative options. Mixing different woods and wood tones is a good decorative decision. However, it’s best to establish one wood as the dominant tone. As a starting point, this could be the same tone as the wooden floor if you have one, or simply the largest piece of wooden furniture in the room. With a main wood tone anchoring the room’s aesthetic, you can then opt for smaller furnishings with different tones for variety. One way to ensure wood matches is to choose the same undertone, whether it’s warm or cold. Though this may not be an exact match, the two different, yet complementary tones will prove a stylish addition to the living room.

Perfecting the Placement of Huntingdon Furniture

With tones picked, it’s time to think about placement. One especially important thing to consider is the room’s focal point, whether this is a fireplace, window, or television. Establishing a focal point will help you arrange sofas and tables. As well as this, it’s advisable to keep furniture away from the walls. After all, upholstered furniture often looks just as good from the back as the front. Leaving space between the walls and your sofas will help a room feel, well, roomier.

Alongside this, you need to think about the corners of a room. Empty corners will be a conspicuous part of any living room, so it’s important to make use of this space. Whilst keeping furniture away from sidewalls is a handy tip to follow, placing small furniture into corners is a great way to use the space. A small seat or corner shelf is a popular option. Even simpler things like a plant, a screen, or even just a leaning object can work wonders too.

Whatever your furniture needs and living room plans, PH Gammons have the bespoke furniture in Huntingdon to meet your design needs. From fine wood furniture, to luxurious upholstery, you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of your living room’s space. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at PH Gammons.

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Can Wood Improve Your Mood?

Wood has plenty of benefits in the home, even improving your mood.

Wood is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices of material for homeowners looking to renovate. As many of us start looking to more environmentally friendly ways of living, sustainably sourced wood is a great way to refresh the look of your home without increasing your carbon footprint. But there are even more benefits to wood – did you know it can actually be good for your mental health?

Helping your mood

Research has shown that a reduction of man-made materials lowers your anxiety and stress levels when you’re at home. Wooden furniture in the home has a similar effect to being in nature, with a calming effect caused by wood causing a feeling of being close to nature, warmth, and homeliness.

Lowering your carbon footprint

This isn’t the only benefit of wood. When taken from sustainable sources, wood has less of an effect on the environment. It’s one of the most naturally renewable sources of energy, and with forests in Europe growing by 661,000 hectares every year, we won’t be running out any time soon. It also absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, again lowering the carbon footprint.

Since it lasts so long, it’s also great for recycling. If you use recycled wood, your carbon footprint will be even lower, with current natural timber being preserved for use elsewhere. Using recycled wood has another great benefit – reclaimed wood furniture has plenty of character with an authentic rustic look that you can only get from timeworn wood.

There’s less waste produced by wood products, and any waste that is produced is completely biodegradable, meaning that it eventually decomposes back into the earth.


Wood is a durable, strong material that will last for plenty of years in your home. Although, how long it will last is dependent on the location in your home, the treatment it’s had and the type of wood it is, any wood in general will be one of the longest-lasting materials you can use.

It’s also great at retaining heat, up to seven times more than ceramic. As the wood absorbs heat, it creates a naturally warmer home, saving you money on your heating bills and reducing your energy usage.

Find the perfect wood furniture at PH Gammons

If you’re looking for sustainably sourced wood furniture to improve the look of your home and your mood, then a visit to our Huntingdon showroom is a great place to start. Find us here or get in touch with us today if you have any questions about our furniture and services.

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home

To get the perfect dining table, you need one that suits your personal style and budget. It also needs to be solidly made and fit properly in your dining space. A dining table is a substantial investment and an important feature of the home. Follow these tips to make sure that the table you choose is perfect for you.

Dining Table Size

Firstly, the golden rule – your dining table has to fit in your dining room. Tables are often deceptively large. So, make sure that you’ve measured up the space before going to look for a new table. As well as space for the table, a rule of thumb is to give yourself three feet of space around the table to move around. But the more space you have, the better.

Dining Table Style

Since dining tables usually last between five to ten years,  a table that suits a current trend may lead to regret. For this reason, a traditional design is almost always the best way to go. There’s bound to be traditionally designed tables that still suit the style of your home. So you won’t be short of options that won’t leave you cringing in a few years’ time.

Dining Table Function

Next, consider everything that you’ll be using the table for. If it’s going to be for dining with family, but not much more, then a square or rectangle is a good way to go. This is the most common shape for a dining table, so you won’t be short of options. However, you might be using it for more than just dining – if you entertain guests quite frequently, then round tables are a great shape for socialising; no head of the table creates a nice, inclusive atmosphere and lets conversation between friends flow with ease. A round table also gives you more room around it without sacrificing a lot of surface area, so they’re also great for smaller rooms.

PH Gammons

Whatever your style and preferences for a dining table, our wide range at PH Gammons is bound to include something that is perfect for you. To have a look at our range of tables, visit our showroom and if you have any enquiries then please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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4 Ways To Buy Wooden Bedroom Furniture at Bargain Prices

There is something rather special about high quality wooden furniture. Whether it is oak, cherry, pine or maple. It is strong, proud, and sophisticated. Which is why we use it to fill our bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and home offices. In fact, the bedroom is a place where pine furniture, in particular, has always been very popular.

With reliable home furnishing in Suffolk, it is possible to source, buy, and decorate with the finest quality pieces around. You can invest in sturdy and stylish wardrobes, bed frames, armoires, dressers, and more. Look in the right places and you’ll be able to do it at knockdown prices as well. As most vendors and suppliers also handle delivery, your furniture can go from the checkout to your home in a matter of hours.

These handy hints and tips will help you find affordable wooden bedroom furniture at prices that will make you smile.

Avoid Overcrowding The Space

It can be really tempting to over buy and start picking up furniture because you like it too much to leave behind… rather than because you know it’ll suit the space. In small bedrooms, overly large wardrobes and really long bed frames will end up making things feel cramped. So keep your mind on the dimensions of the bedroom and your specific, practical needs.

Choose The Right Sized Bed

This is especially important for the bed. While we’d all love to be luxuriating in a queen sized bed every night, the reality is that you can only fit so much into a room. If you opt for an absurdly long bed frame and you don’t have the space, you’ll be clambering over it for years to come. This is not only dangerous, it creates a very disjointed and busy look. Which is exactly what you don’t want. High quality wood furniture should be given plenty of room to breathe and look majestic.

Mix and Match Your Storage

Wooden wardrobes can look extremely beautiful in a carefully designed bedroom. Choose the right wood grain and the space will feel warm, rich, and inviting. Plus, you’ll never run out of storage space if you invest in fitted wardrobes, with sliding doors. If you don’t have the space for fitted wardrobes, however, you can make up extra storage with attractive dressers, vanity tables, and drawer sets. Stick to the same style of furnishing, though, so that the arrangement is seamless and coordinated.

Finding Affordable Furnishings

It is surprisingly easy to source high quality home furnishing in Suffolk. The best place to start is with local showrooms. It is always a good idea to head out to these places and get up close and personal with the wooden pieces. That way, you can scrutinise the grain, get a feel for the quality, and pick the right tones and shades. While shopping on the internet is another great way to find a bargain, it doesn’t compare to running your hands across the surface of that beautiful oak desk or that elegant pine dressing table.

For more advice and tips on how to shop for high quality wood furniture, visit Peter H Gammons today. Or, call 01487 812275 to get directions to your nearest Suffolk showroom or store.

Why Oak Dining Tables are a ‘Must Have’ Investment

There is something about wooden furniture that just says security. Think about it. How much more grounded and cosy does sitting down for dinner on a wooden table feel, when you compare it to the same scenario on a plastic table? Wood is synonymous with permanence and strength; this is why so many of us gather around it at mealtimes.

The good news is that oak furniture in Cambridgeshire is more affordable now than ever before. You can get your hands on a beautiful oak dining table for a fraction of what it would have cost twenty years ago. So, what are you waiting for? Give your home the warmth and security that it needs with a signature oak table.

This guide to the benefits of investing in oak, particularly for dining tables, will explain why this wonder material is such a sound choice.

Extremely Wear Resistant

Oak furniture is not bought on a whim. It is a solid investment, a valuable long term choice. This is because it lasts for such a long time. Things like oak dining tables are routinely passed on, through the generations, for hundreds of years. This is something that your grandchildren could be moving into their new home one day.

And, as mealtimes are an occasion when all of the family comes together, this degree of permanence and durability is very suitable. The tannin content in oak actually helps it to stand up to regular wear and tear and the intrusion of insects. If you buy high quality oak furniture in Cambridgeshire, it will be strong, long lasting, and a pleasure to look at.

Able to Adapt to Any Décor

Top quality oak furniture in Cambridgeshire is guaranteed to add sophistication and elegance to any home. One of the best things about oak, especially for dining rooms, is that it can be incorporated into a wide variety of décor choices. For example, an oak dining table would enhance a nautical themed space just as much as it would a sleek, minimalistic one.

Do try to remember that, generally speaking, the lighter the colour of the wood, the more modern and bright the most complementary décor will be. On the other hand, if you are keen to create something a little more old fashioned (or even a bit gothic), opt for a darker tones and shades of oak.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The typical oak dining table is easy to keep clean and maintain. However, it does require an oiling, with a natural product, a couple of times per year. This should only take twenty minutes or so and it will help to protect the smooth, beautiful finish on its surface. Otherwise, your oak furniture in Cambridgeshire should be wipe clean and stain resistant.

If you have carpet in your dining table, you might want to pick up some plastic or rubber protectors. These little things fit neatly on the bottom of table legs, so that the weight of the furniture doesn’t make a permanent indentation in the carpet. You can get these from lots of furniture shops or you can buy them online at a low cost.

If you are in Cambridgeshire and looking for oak furniture why not contact us via email or pop in to your local Peter H Gammons store today. Alternatively you can call 01487 812275 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff who are always happy to help.


5 Top Tips for Buying a High Quality Sofa Bed

In many ways, the humble sofa bed is a woefully underappreciated piece of furniture. It has the ability to turn any space into an extra bedroom, yet most homeowners rarely clean or properly care for their own. There are certainly advantages to be had from carefully maintaining a sleeper, sleeper sofa, or pull out.

For a start, high quality sofa beds will last a very long time if given the chance. As they are designed for temporary use, they do not undergo the same amount of wear as regular beds and can be kept for a long time without needing to be replaced. Plus, modern sofa beds are extremely comfortable things; long gone are the days when ‘pull out bed’ meant a sore back and a poor sleep.
These handy tips and tricks for buying a great sofa bed will help you know what to look for when browsing in your local furniture shop in Cambridge.

Invest in a Hardwood Frame

The toughest and most durable frame type for any kind of sofa is hardwood. This includes sofa beds, so it is a good idea to invest in a sturdy, long lasting product. It can be made out of kiln dried hardwood or a combination of hardwood and plywood. However, pine frames may be a little soft for a bed which needs to be moved around a lot.

Look for Top Notch Mechanisms

The mechanism in a top quality sofa bed will lift up and outwards with one smooth movement. It will not stick or make any kind of squeaking sounds. When you are shopping at your nearest furniture store in Cambridge, ask the sales representative if their sofa beds come with lock down bars. Essentially, this is just a metal bar at the front of the opening mechanism, which slots inside the sofa bed and locks the rest into place.

Search for a Comfy Mattress

Ultimately, the mattress on a sofa bed cannot really be of the same quality as a standard mattress, because it needs to fold and bend in a completely different way. However, there are mattresses which come close. Either way, it makes sense to look for one which is comfortable, provides plenty of back support, and will keep guests happy. If you get your sofa bed home and still find the mattress too comfy, you could pick up a specially designed sleeping mat, pad, or roll for added softness.

Give it a Test Drive

If you are heading out to a furniture shop in Cambridge, you should have no problem testing out a few of the best sofa beds. It is generally better to shop for this kind of furniture in person, just because it is easier to judge quality. However, all reliable retailers operate fair and practical returns policies. It is worth asking about the details, no matter whether you are buying online or in store. If possible, test the opening mechanism; make sure that it works smoothly.

Take the Measurements

This is something which many people forget when shopping for a sofa bed, but it is essential. What happens if you get the furniture home and find that it is too wide or too long for the room? To avoid this, make sure that you know for certain whether the sofa bed will fit comfortably in the space before you buy it. You can do this by measuring the size of the room, jotting it down on paper, and taking it with you to the furniture shop in Cambridge. Once there, the sales reps will be able to give you the measurements for different products.

To find out more about shopping for the perfect sofa bed or to locate your nearest furniture shop in Cambridge.