Made to Measure Blinds

Why Your Room Needs Made to Measure Blinds

If you’re considering new blinds for a room, you’ll first have to decide between off-the-shelf or made to measure blinds. Off-the-shelf products might seem like a convenient choice. However, made to measure blinds offer some great benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re looking to redecorate a room, bespoke blinds will help you create a look that really ‘wows’ friends and family. Getting hold of made to measure blinds doesn’t have to be difficult either.

The Benefits of Made to Measure

Generally, the greatest benefit of made to measure is the fit. A bespoke blind will match the specific measurements of your window for an exact fit. This will ensure that they block out as much light as possible, as well as offering more privacy. In some cases, a perfect fit can even have a positive effect on a home’s insulation, keeping cold draughts out.

Blocking out light and keeping in heat goes hand in hand with the customer’s choice of lining. Being able to choose a suitable lining is another advantage of made to measure blinds over off-the-shelf options. In choosing a lining, you can take into account the unique needs of a room. A blackout material may be more necessary in one room, such as a bedroom, and less so in another, such as the kitchen.

Of course, bespoke blinds don’t just give the customer control over size. You’ll also be able to pick from a great range of fabrics and styles. Rather than settling for a pre-made design, the choice you have over fabrics with bespoke blinds means you can pick fabrics, colours and patterns to complement the existing look of your room. In this way, your blinds can complement the style of the home that you’ve worked so hard on.

Of course, getting the best made to measure experience depends on where you shop. Peter H Gammons is on hand to help customers get the best in bespoke blinds in Peterborough.

Bespoke Blinds from P H Gammons

Peter H Gammons work hard to turn customers’ designs into made to measure reality. One benefit that can set made to measure blinds apart from all other options is their quality. This greater quality means that they will last for longer; which can help save money in the long term, and help make back the short-term cost of design.

With the help of the expertise on offer at P H Gammons, you’ll have your designs off the ground in no time. There’s lots of inspiration to be found in our previous work, as well as helpful advice from our expert team.

If you’re looking for made to measure blinds in the Cambridgeshire area, enquire now with our friendly team at P H Gammons. Whether you’re after Venetian or vertical, Roman or roller, we have the skill to create your dream pair of blinds.