Bedroom Carpets

How to Choose The Right Carpet For Your Bedroom

Carpets mean comfort, and that’s exactly what you want when choosing flooring for your bedroom. Wooden flooring can be stunning, while tiles are stylish and practical, particularly in a Mediterranean climate. But if you live in the UK, you’ll want the room you sleep in to be warm and luxurious. That’s why a carpeted floor is the obvious choice.

If you’re looking for flooring in Huntingdon, you’re in the right place. PH Gammons have been supplying loyal customers with stylish, high-quality carpets for over 60 years. We’re glad to share our knowledge and experience, because our mission is to keep our customers happy. So, here are some useful tips on choosing the perfect flooring for your bedroom.

Why choose carpet?

The bedroom is the one room in the house where you’re most likely to move around in bare feet. That makes it the perfect candidate for a plush, luxurious floor covering. Your bedroom should also be a place of peace, quiet and tranquillity. Clearly that’s more difficult to achieve with a hard or polished floor surface. What’s more, studies have shown that a carpeted floor can reduce the number of allergens in the atmosphere. When it comes to bedrooms, breathing cleaner air is a huge health benefit. For carpets in Huntingdon, take a look at our extensive range to find the perfect choice for your bedroom.

What sort of pile?

For areas like living rooms or hallways, a loop pile carpet is generally more durable and hard wearing. Because the bedroom isn’t a high traffic area, you can indulge your desire for luxury. A deeper, cut pile option will feel warmer and much more comfortable underfoot. That said, a well chosen loop pile carpet can look stunning in a contemporary style setting.

Choosing the colour

In recent times there has been a shift towards floor coverings in darker shades. Opting for a longer pile as well can help to create a more luxurious ambience in the bedroom. The most important thing is to make the right choice. Changing your mind once the flooring has been laid could add unnecessary expense. If you’re not planning to redecorate, you need to take into account the existing decor of the room. Consider the style and colour of ornaments and fittings, too, unless you’re planning to replace them. Most rooms have a focal point, be it the bed or a favourite picture. Try and choose a floor covering that will complement that.

Choosing the material

Carpets are available in a range of different materials, so it’s important to know what you want. Pure wool has always been popular, and it’s a natural and sustainable material. It also provides great insulation and is easy to maintain – though it may not be the most cost-effective option. With developments in technology, synthetic carpets have improved significantly. Now softer and more luxurious, they are also durable and easy to clean.

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