Is a Memory Foam Mattress the Comfiest Way To Sleep?

It is an irrefutable fact that the amount and quality of sleep that we get plays a big part in how healthy and productive we feel. In many ways, sleep is the most important part of the day – for our bodies anyway. It is a much needed opportunity to set aside the physical and mental stresses of the day, rest up the muscles and the bones, and get ready for the day to come.
If you are not quite sure how much we need our sleep, you only need to try spending a single day without it. You will quickly grow more irritable, find it hard to focus on simple tasks, and your brain will crave substitute energy in the form of sugar and caffeine. In other words, you will be counting the seconds until you climb back into a warm and comfy bed.
The question is, what can you do to maximise the quality of your sleep? Does the secret to great rest always lie with early bedtimes and a strict schedule or can you cheat your way to peaceful nights with the help of a memory foam mattress? This guide to some of the best reasons why you should invest in memory foam has all of the answers.

Constant Support

If you are on the hunt for top quality mattresses in the Peterborough area, it is a good idea to consider buying a memory foam product. One of the most important reasons for this is the fact that memory foam provides flawless support. It can be invaluable for anybody who suffers from neck or spinal issues, because it is perfectly weighted and balanced – memory foam is not too hard or too soft.

No More Pressure Points

According to recent studies, memory foam mattresses have the ability to reduce fidgeting and the need to toss and turn by as much as 80%. This is because the material eradicates pressure points; these are points on the mattress at which parts of the body are held lower than the rest. Over time, standard mattresses develop lots of little pressure points where the heaviest body parts naturally lie. With memory foam, however, this does not happen, because the mattress moulds to the unique shape of the sleeper.

Always Kind to the Spine

For affordable memory foam mattresses in the Peterborough area, come and browse the broad selection of products on offer at Peter H Gammons. You can pick from top brands, like Sweet Dreams, Dorlux, and Shakespeare Beds, so that your journey to the land of nod is always a satisfying one. If you are committed to investing in a mattress which will offer you long term support and spinal protection, memory foam is the way to go. It holds the spine in its natural alignment, rather than forcing it to lie linear. This means that the user can enjoy full lumbar support.

A Guarantee of Quality

The typical memory foam mattress will last significantly longer than a standard product. In fact, if you pick your mattress carefully and look after it properly, it should easily reach fifteen years or more without fuss or problems. There are very few household items which can offer this type of longevity, especially ones which are used as intensively as a mattress. You are advised to opt for a product which comes with a warranty of at least 5-7 years.
For more information and advice on the benefits of investing in a memory foam mattress get in touch today, or browse a wide selection of memory foam mattresses in-store.