Everything You Need To Know About Pocket Spring Mattresses

Considering how long a mattress should last you – and how much of your time that you spend on it – opting for a high quality, handmade pocket sprung mattresses is always a better option than a cheap mattress. Pocket springs are a fundamental part of high-quality mattresses, and if you’re looking into buying a new one, it’ll help to fully understand what they are. So what exactly is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses

Quite simply, a pocket sprung mattress has the springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. The surrounding fabrics function like shock absorbers, reducing bounce and increasing the mattress’s firmness for increased comfort. These mattresses provide much better support for your body, as each of the coils absorb your weight individually, allowing the contours of your body to be uniformly supported.

Pocket springs

Pocket springs themselves are rows of small springs which are each housed separately from each other in individual fabric pockets.

The benefits

These mattresses were created to help people suffering with back pain and bad joints by providing them with a firm mattress offering targeted support for the body. This support, which helped to reduce pressure point pain, helps people to get a good nights sleep and some much needed pain relief. Pocket sprung mattresses are also great if there’s a weight or size difference between you and your partner, as the individual springs will work to take the weight of both of you individually – no more being lifted or rolled over.

PH Gammons

If you’re interested in improving your sleep and wellbeing with a pocket sprung mattress, then get in touch with us or take a visit to our showroom where someone will be happy to help you find the perfect mattress.



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